The ocean, the wild call me more than ever as I have moved into the last portion of my life. Did I ever imagine that I would grow older? Did I ever think I would like it so much? So gently through the years my world and my perspectives have shifted. Finally I find myself rushing a little less. I crave my alone time in silence, in reflection, in contemplation. For me, nature, friendships, strong bonds, good books, good music, good food, good wine, not necessarily expensive, and I need no more.

My art reflects my move away from performance, competition, extreme busyness and indiscretion. I use my paints with less intention and more trust. When I work I trust that my experience combined with the simple present moment will create something authentic, original, strong. There is no design, just the exploration of skill.

I hang lots of unfinished paintings on my walls so that I can spend a lot of time gazing at them, solving issues, finding better ways.

Some art is done swiftly, other takes a long time. Like “My last Supper” a long horizontal painting, 12 feet by 2 feet, almost seven years in process. But why rush my take of The Last Supper? It may be  one of those essential  projects...  I think the painting will be ready by Easter 2017.

I follow world news and I hurt a lot. I carry Aleppo, the refugees, the homeless, the orphans, the forgotten, all prisonners in my heart. My belief in God is alive only through the present history incarnated. Every human hurt is my hurt and until horrors take place on earth I have no interest in pursuing happiness.  I have peace and I have the joy deep in my soul, and I don’t give up hope. I want my art to lift up viewers. I pursue beauty at all costsl because it is our God-given essence.